About us

Baked to perfection, for your pure indulgence and satisfaction - this is what Mister Coco's Baker is all about.

Our story

We are dedicated to helping our valued customers create sweet memories through world-class cakes.

The Mister Coco's Baker experts are driven by a deep and passionate desire to make happiness edible and shareable. The story of Coco's Mister Baker started with an infatuation with sweet treats and desserts. The pleasure is now shared and loved by people across the UAE, thanks to the wide  variety of cakes and the picture-perfect customized cakes available for everybody to enjoy and share.

You don't have to wait for a birthday or a party to enjoy a cake. Coco's Mister Baker creates cakes that you can enjoy at any time of the day and on any day of the week - because  we believe that every day is a celebration!

Our Standards

 custom made cakes

Our team follows internationally accepted standards of quality and our bakery is equipped with the latest technology, to ensure that every cake is a master piece from the moment preparation begins. Ingredients are sourced from top quality suppliers and special care is taken to screen each batch for 100% quality. This unwavering attention to detail is what makes every bite of Mister Coco's Baker the perfect delight!

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